I Love It….

  • how you start with a fake cry and end up with a real one – April 2014
  • how you sing a song with made up lyrics and an off key without being conscious – April 2014
  • how you enjoy dancing to your own choreography. – April 2014
  • when you are full of concern for mummy when she went for a checkup – 30th April 2014
  • How you suddenly cry thinking about losing us-24th August 2014

Things to do for Sarayu

Here is a list of things i intend to do with/for sarayu (not in any particular order):

1 .Teach her to skate….(Done!.. she has learnt to skate and loves it too._Aug 6th 2011)

2.Teach her to cycle without test wheels…(DONE!!! she managed to balance and cycle on 2nd may 2010)

3.Enroll her for swimming classes and then SWIM!!. (has enrolled with pramila at Leena Mogre’s Gym…yet to learn)

a)- enrolled her at golds gym on 6th May 2013 under Darshana

4.make a cardboard clock with her to teach her time (DONE!!..now she can tell the time although with some effort_31st july 2011)

5.Enroll her in a judo/taekwondo class (Done!…She joined the Taekwondo class at sanpada on the 3rd of April 2012)

quit a few months later

Now enrolled her in Shito ryu Karate ( 12th February 2014).

6. Start a Bank account in her name (Done! Account opened in her name under my guardianship on 12th July 2012)

7.Teach her money management….(Started, She has started earning  her birthday gift 6months in advance. 5 buck for brushing her teeth at night and 10 bucks for chores_June 2011)

8. Learn car basics ( 25th Jan 2015)

Letter to Su after her 12th birthday

I’ve decided to write letters to Su on every birthday of hers. Had this thought for the longest time and now that she can comprehend what I want to say, I think it was the right time. Am not expecting a reaction from her, but the fact is I want to leave her my wisdom.. Little bits which might someday guide her.

Hello Baccha,
You have crossed 12!! And you will see a lot of changes in your life. You may have gone through some and observed some. Pimples and acne, the need for independence and opinion, anger and lots of other things.
Along the way you will also notice friends and people around you change. Friends who you thought were friends are really not your friends and people who you thought were stupid turning out to be the best people to be around. Sometimes your friends will be rude to you and call you names. Some get pleasure and feel superior by putting other people down and some don’t realise. It’s OK! None of these friends will matter when you grow up to be a very successful beautiful woman. Don’t doubt what I just wrote, cause from where I see you, there is no other way than to grow up beautiful and successful and believe that it will come true some day. To those friends who are rude to you, just look at them and think in your head ” I forgive you” and walk away. It doesn’t mean you are weak, in fact it means you are much stronger and wiser than anyone around you.

# Rule no 1- Don’t let anyone control your happiness. Only you have the right to feel happy or sad when you want to, not when they want you to feel sad or happy.

# Rule no 2- Most things are temporary and won’t last. So don’t lose your head over something that won’t matter in a few days.

# Rule no 3- Know the difference between being nice and being too nice. Don’t please your friends to be popular. They will just take advantage of you.

#Rule no 4- Be hungry for achievements not things in a shop.

You are an extraordinary child, and we feel blessed to have you. I admire how you are so sharp and observant. You look like a tough girl but have your vulnerable side. You work very hard. For a lot people this step is itself difficult. But don’t live on your past, people will easily forget your past. You have a long way to go, keep working hard. Let it come from within you.
Work hard because you want to be the best at it, not because you want to be better than some friend.
Mummy and I love you a lot and will always do regardless of what you do in life. Thank you for being the perfect daughter

Update: true to what I expected, she read and didn’t revert. Evening she calls me up to discuss karate classes and mentions btw the letter was good. 

Best friends forever…always!!

I feel horrible… Sunday 4th Aug 2014 , also celebrated as Friendship Day. Sarayu had a long tiring day studying for her exams. She really works hard and deserves every bit of appreciation. Sunday night, I was tired too and just mindlessly browsing the net while Sarayu was studying French. After she finished studying she took a piece of green ribbon  and tied it on my hands. Me in my tired mode paid no attention to it and then callously untied and kept it aside on my computer table. Then I took Sarayu out to buy dinner. She had dinner, said her good nights and went to sleep. I couldn’t sleep, so I played some games on my tablet and then went to browse on the net again..It was 1:15 in the morning and I saw the green ribbon, curiously picked it up to see something written on it. When I read, My heart just sank. On it was written ” Happy friendship Day Su and Daddy best friends

Pramilas dream…sorry nightmare

Pramila has a dream every night which she can recall in vivid detail the next morning. So our mornings would start with a cup of tea and Pramila’s dreams, and in recent times she has started to believe that they come true. Anyway today morning was no different and Pramila mentioned about how she had a dream about my relatives and was about to narrate when Sarayu stopped her and said ” No mummy, not a dream…must have been a nightmare” . Who cares about the dream now, cause we all were laughing.

Strawberry bedtime stories

Once upon a time there was a little girl by the name “Strawberry”…thus began every night of mine before putting her to bed. Every night I had to tell her one and would sleep off at the last part most times. Till the day came where I was burnt out from making impromptu stories about strawberry. She would plead, and I would feel horrible but I refused to tell her anymore. The stories had a normal girl called strawberry, who coincidentally would be the same age as Su. She lived in a jungle called ” Pink, Purple, Blue and Yellow”.. yes that was the name of the forest 🙂  because it had what else …”Pink” “Purple” “Blue” & “Yellow” leaves. It started out with what a brave girl she was and how she meets a “good witch aunty” called “Mesmerize”, who would help her fight the “bad witch aunties” with her magic tools. Some of these magic tools would be a invisible ring, which obviously would make her invisible as she turned it. Then a magic rope to tie witch “aunties”, a shield ring to create a protective shield when attacked with magic powders and electric zaps. These bad witch aunties, with green skin, dirty nails and black cloak dress who actually lived on mountains far far away would come and trouble someone in her forest, who then would turn to strawberry for help. She then with Mesmerizes help would take a magic carpet or a flying cycle or a magic chair and fly automatically to the desired location, sort of magic things with inbuilt GPS. and then reach the witch aunties house and fight her and make her cry and banish her from the place. Oh yes, also along the way she meets a bad witch aunty who turns good to help her and her name…thorny, cause she lived on a thorny tree. Phew talk about creativity..

Must have told at least 200-250 stories over a year( now you know why I burned out) . Its been 2 years since I stopped telling them, but I still get requests for them. I do tell them now but not as often, and it makes me feel guilty inside, but what to do. I guess all parents are nothing but a bundle of guilt when it comes to their children. But guess who used to benefit the most!…Pramila, she would doze off the minute I started my stories. Ask her to recall at least one character apart from strawberry and Pramila can tell all about them…Really? Nah just kidding…