moment of truth??

The other night pramila and Sarayu were watching the hindi version of “The Moment of Truth”  i.e “Sach ka Samna” .The format is that the host asks a question and when the contestant answers the question truthfully a god voice comes and says “Ye Jawab Sach Hai”  and if the contestant lies,its “Ye Jawab Jhoot Hai”

Now after the show pramil and sarayu decide to play the game and pramila asks a few questions to sarayu and questions went like “kya tumne school me  kabhie kissi ko  mara hai?” and sarayu said “nahi” and then pramil would say “Yeh jawab Sach Hai”.Now it was sarayus turn and she asks her first question to mum “Kya tumne kabhie swimming pool me susu kiya hai?” and then pramil looked at me and we both cracked up laughing leaving sarayu wondering whats so funny?


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