Things to do for Sarayu

Here is a list of things i intend to do with/for sarayu (not in any particular order):

1 .Teach her to skate….(Done!.. she has learnt to skate and loves it too._Aug 6th 2011)

2.Teach her to cycle without test wheels…(DONE!!! she managed to balance and cycle on 2nd may 2010)

3.Enroll her for swimming classes and then SWIM!!. (has enrolled with pramila at Leena Mogre’s Gym…yet to learn)

a)- enrolled her at golds gym on 6th May 2013 under Darshana

4.make a cardboard clock with her to teach her time (DONE!! she can tell the time although with some effort_31st july 2011)

5.Enroll her in a judo/taekwondo class (Done!…She joined the Taekwondo class at sanpada on the 3rd of April 2012)

quit a few months later

Now enrolled her in Shito ryu Karate ( 12th February 2014).

6. Start a Bank account in her name (Done! Account opened in her name under my guardianship on 12th July 2012)

7.Teach her money management….(Started, She has started earning  her birthday gift 6months in advance. 5 buck for brushing her teeth at night and 10 bucks for chores_June 2011)

8. Learn car basics ( 25th Jan 2015)


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