su funny…

@This happened the other day when we went for a courtesy visit to Aruns house to see his mom,who is recovering from a massive heart attack. After the visit we decided to wait downstairs in the garden for Arun. As Pramil and i sat, a little tired from the visit on a garden swing meant for couples, sarayu (who was playing on a swing besides us ) obviously felt unattended quips ” Tum kyon shiv parvati jaisa baitha hain, mere saath aake khelo na! “ I didnt have my guard on 🙂

@ Sarayu was opening some chocolate pack and throwing around the wrapper, so I told her ” there is a dustbin waiting for you in the kitchen with its mouth open” and I gestured a big open mouth. After two seconds sarayu turns and looks at my open mouth and says ” Oh so you want to be a dustbin, here eat this plastic” that shut me up and split me up.

@well this one is about where she locked herself in the bedroom balcony after locking the bedroom door. Since she was very scared that I would come home and scold her,she tells pramil ” main face pe orange paint dal dega phir daddy aake bolega “yeh kiska baccha hai” aur mujhe choad dega”
hahahaha she is one funny girl.


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