Sarayu grows up one day at a time….

Pramils mom has come to visit and so i took her and sarayu to Inorbit and sarayu got into her tantrum mode, basically she wanted a toy phone from Shoppers Stop (it had a phone and a phone pouch) and i had categorically told her that i would not be buying her anything. But she was adamant and said she was not coming back with us. I stood my ground….but then Pramil’s mom melted and said buy it for her. When I billed for it it cost me a shocking 400 bucks for a very silly toy available outside for 20 bucks. I lost my head and told sarayu i am not talking to her. She looked like she felt guilty about what she had done and said she would take care of it and not take it anywhere. I cooled down seeing her and explained that it was a stupid choice.

Next day she told me the toy wasnt that great and i again told her how she should listen to mummy and daddy and gave her a stare that meant why did you ? she got up and went in, and i thought as usual she was throwing a anger fit at being told off. I followed her in our room and she was reluctant to let me in till i forced my way in. I picked her up and she hugged me tight.

She then told me ” I am Sad”

I said “why what happened?”

She said” I can’t tell you”

I coaxed her and…

she said ” I am sorry, I made a mistake, I shouldn’t have bought that toy”

I was surprised at this development, but told her ” Its ok… We all make mistakes and i have made them too”

Inside I just felt very touched at this… nearly broke me down. Shoot me I am a dad 🙂


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