Houdini locked herself……and failed

Yesterday I was on my way to work when i get a call from pramil telling me that sarayu had locked herself…..let me elaborate, sarayu got angry with pramil and as usual went in the bedroom and locked herself…thats not it, she then goes to the balcony and locks herself in the balcony and so its a double lock through and through and the best part is pramil carries the keys to the bedroom in her purse (dont ask me why) and it gets even better she has kept the purse in the bedroom. So sarayu is locked in the balcony, where she can see the purse but cant do anything about it. Pramil calls mom and mom arranges for a keymaker and saryu is freed!. The whole ordeal apparently lasted , I was told lasted for about an hour and a half. CLOWNS! All i need is some jugglers to start a circus.


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