Sarayu’s first train trip without her parents…..

With the surprise visit by Pramils parents came the surprise announcement by my FIL that they were going to visit their friends (Sundaram Uncle) in Ahmedabad by train on the 17th of October and that they had booked tickets for Sarayu as well. Pramil was skeptical that she wouldn’t go with them and in heart of hearts was wishing sarayu would stay back (she still hasn’t managed to cut the umbilical chord yet…) . On the other hand I thought it would teach her independence and also exposure (I happen to be the heartless one) ….sooo typical of parents. Anyways after a lot of yes and no’s and a lot of bribery and promises to more bribery, sarayu finally agreed. And enjoy she did….her first TRAIN JOURNEY!  Sundaram uncle’s daughter, Anita had come down with her 1.5 year old baby and plus they had a eight year old neighbor girl called Annika. So she had a blast. She ate food she normally wouldn’t eat and apparently was on her best behavior.   The promises were kept and she got a dress, a Doctors set and a kitchen set. And she came back all happy at the cost of 3 school working days. Wait…what about her grandmother (my mom) ? Well she cried after sarayu left, actually bawled feeling sarayu wouldn’t manage with them. She’s ok now


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