Angry Birds!

Eggs waiting to be hatched..

2 Squabs born of 2 eggs

Angry Father! 🙂       seeing me come close with the camera

Well, there are these idiotic pigeons who come and lay eggs in and around our house. Every time the eggs were thrown out by Superhygienemom, sarayu would be pissed. Now this time they have laid eggs in my balcony amongst the garden tools. I made sure they were not disturbed so that sarayu could see the process of the eggs being hatched. After seeing the pigeons sit on the eggs she asked “why is the pigeon sitting on the eggs?”  To which I explained that it is a process of hatching the eggs where the pigeon sits on the eggs and warms the eggs till they crack open. To which she replied ” So when the pigeon warms the eggs, the baby bird inside the eggs must feel soooo hot that they get angry and they break out! ?” Maybe scientists  needs to re-look at the science of eggs hatching :)…Maybe


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