Biscuit and Face Cream

Last week when I took Sarayu out to the park and boating as usual, I asked Pramil to tag along. So off we went and had a good time playing Badminton, Frisbee at the “Abhijeet” park  and then it was boating time. As there were fishes in that pond I suggested we take some biscuits along and make fish food out of it. Took a pedal powered boat and reached the center of the pond, so I gave a biscuit  to Sarayu and told her to crush it and throw it in the water, she did as told but,  discovered a rude fact that fish don’t like biscuits, especially “Good Day” butter biscuits. Puffing and panting as I started to pedal again, Sarayu stopped throwing the crumbs and asked ” Daddy, Is cream made from biscuits?” And I thought to myself ….Poor thing! she has mixed the sentence up…Let me correct her.  And I said ” No Sarayu, I think you wanted to say  Are biscuits made from cream” and she said ” no daddy what I meant was whether cream is made from biscuits” and as I was trying to figure what she wanted to say she said ” Cream!Cream!…Face Cream!” Then I asked her “why would you say that?”  To that she said ” My hands are all greasy, just like when I put face cream”  All I could do was laugh  and so did Pramil.


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