Good Good Night….

Today, A  day after Christmas sarayu fell sick. It was also the first day of my long awaited week long home vacation. Sarayu decided to stay here with me and not go with “bappamma”. So to cut a long story short I spent the  day with her( no trouble at all!..sickness does that) but by the evening I was sorta tired and cranky (ya, I passed her the cranky genes) .  Along the day I promised her a round in the car with her “music” playing in the car (music which potentially can get me kicked out of my friends circle). And when the clock struck 30 mins past 10, sarayu reminded of the promise.  Making a ‘ just sucked on a lemon’ face, I took her for a spin with the USB drive and her music playing along the Palm Beach stretch of road. The music played and we didn’t speak a word as I drove slowly. And as I kept on driving I realized what a pleasant drive it is and all my tiredness just melted away. While driving back I thanked sarayu for this idea. I felt nice. She felt nice. and we came back in a zen state of mind.  As I pressed the elevator button of Thakkar, Sarayu tells me ” I will never forget this day” . So will I……..


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