Sarayus first night of sleeping alone in her room

Sarayu has turned 9, and she still shares the bed with us. Though the bed is king sized, a good 6×6, it still isn’t big enough for a football match in the night. Pramila is usually the one to bear the brunt of her tossing and turning in the night and with the ripple effect affects me too. We have been trying to convince Su for the longest time to sleep in her own room as this would foster independence spirit in her. Cajoled her with bunk beds to no avail. After days and days she finally agreed to sleep in her own room and off she went and to sleep. But guess who didn’t manage to sleep for a very long time. Yes it was me and Pramila tossing and turning and finally sleeping late in the night. We found the bed a tad bit empty without her, secretly I was worried for her. Su did get up sorta early morning and came to our bedroom to snuggle with us again and has snuggled with us ever since…


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