Su’s First Business Venture!!!!

Its been quite a while since I’ve been advising Su on money and how she should think of ways to earn money to learn money. Yesterday 22nd January 2014 she did it. She collected all her childhood books…the Peppers, the Ninis, Scooby Doo’s etc and sold the smaller books for Rs 5/- and the bigger ones for Rs 10/- a total of 28 books and made a net sum of Rs 185/- ….Don’t ask the maths now. For the uninitiated Pepper is a little dog?? who does all the naughty things and how he learns a lesson from each of them. And Nini is a bear girl?? who…hmmm I forgot what she did, but the cool part was how Su sat the previous night and cleaned all of them with a damp cloth. Also she managed to convince her friend Meghna to do the same. So I sat the previous night explaining how she can and should sell more . So gave her a idea of giving toffees with every book. Was skeptical of her selling anything. But then when I heard she sold everything, I was ecstatic!!…Very Proud Very happy.


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