Strawberry bedtime stories

Once upon a time there was a little girl by the name “Strawberry”…thus began every night of mine before putting her to bed. Every night I had to tell her one and would sleep off at the last part most times. Till the day came where I was burnt out from making impromptu stories about strawberry. She would plead, and I would feel horrible but I refused to tell her anymore. The stories had a normal girl called strawberry, who coincidentally would be the same age as Su. She lived in a jungle called ” Pink, Purple, Blue and Yellow”.. yes that was the name of the forest 🙂  because it had what else …”Pink” “Purple” “Blue” & “Yellow” leaves. It started out with what a brave girl she was and how she meets a “good witch aunty” called “Mesmerize”, who would help her fight the “bad witch aunties” with her magic tools. Some of these magic tools would be a invisible ring, which obviously would make her invisible as she turned it. Then a magic rope to tie witch “aunties”, a shield ring to create a protective shield when attacked with magic powders and electric zaps. These bad witch aunties, with green skin, dirty nails and black cloak dress who actually lived on mountains far far away would come and trouble someone in her forest, who then would turn to strawberry for help. She then with Mesmerizes help would take a magic carpet or a flying cycle or a magic chair and fly automatically to the desired location, sort of magic things with inbuilt GPS. and then reach the witch aunties house and fight her and make her cry and banish her from the place. Oh yes, also along the way she meets a bad witch aunty who turns good to help her and her name…thorny, cause she lived on a thorny tree. Phew talk about creativity..

Must have told at least 200-250 stories over a year( now you know why I burned out) . Its been 2 years since I stopped telling them, but I still get requests for them. I do tell them now but not as often, and it makes me feel guilty inside, but what to do. I guess all parents are nothing but a bundle of guilt when it comes to their children. But guess who used to benefit the most!…Pramila, she would doze off the minute I started my stories. Ask her to recall at least one character apart from strawberry and Pramila can tell all about them…Really? Nah just kidding…


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