Best friends forever…always!!

I feel horrible… Sunday 4th Aug 2014 , also celebrated as Friendship Day. Sarayu had a long tiring day studying for her exams. She really works hard and deserves every bit of appreciation. Sunday night, I was tired too and just mindlessly browsing the net while Sarayu was studying French. After she finished studying she took a piece of green ribbon  and tied it on my hands. Me in my tired mode paid no attention to it and then callously untied and kept it aside on my computer table. Then I took Sarayu out to buy dinner. She had dinner, said her good nights and went to sleep. I couldn’t sleep, so I played some games on my tablet and then went to browse on the net again..It was 1:15 in the morning and I saw the green ribbon, curiously picked it up to see something written on it. When I read, My heart just sank. On it was written ” Happy friendship Day Su and Daddy best friends


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