Letter to Su after her 12th birthday

I’ve decided to write letters to Su on every birthday of hers. Had this thought for the longest time and now that she can comprehend what I want to say, I think it was the right time. Am not expecting a reaction from her, but the fact is I want to leave her my wisdom.. Little bits which might someday guide her.

Hello Baccha,
You have crossed 12!! And you will see a lot of changes in your life. You may have gone through some and observed some. Pimples and acne, the need for independence and opinion, anger and lots of other things.
Along the way you will also notice friends and people around you change. Friends who you thought were friends are really not your friends and people who you thought were stupid turning out to be the best people to be around. Sometimes your friends will be rude to you and call you names. Some get pleasure and feel superior by putting other people down and some don’t realise. It’s OK! None of these friends will matter when you grow up to be a very successful beautiful woman. Don’t doubt what I just wrote, cause from where I see you, there is no other way than to grow up beautiful and successful and believe that it will come true some day. To those friends who are rude to you, just look at them and think in your head ” I forgive you” and walk away. It doesn’t mean you are weak, in fact it means you are much stronger and wiser than anyone around you.

# Rule no 1- Don’t let anyone control your happiness. Only you have the right to feel happy or sad when you want to, not when they want you to feel sad or happy.

# Rule no 2- Most things are temporary and won’t last. So don’t lose your head over something that won’t matter in a few days.

# Rule no 3- Know the difference between being nice and being too nice. Don’t please your friends to be popular. They will just take advantage of you.

#Rule no 4- Be hungry for achievements not things in a shop.

You are an extraordinary child, and we feel blessed to have you. I admire how you are so sharp and observant. You look like a tough girl but have your vulnerable side. You work very hard. For a lot people this step is itself difficult. But don’t live on your past, people will easily forget your past. You have a long way to go, keep working hard. Let it come from within you.
Work hard because you want to be the best at it, not because you want to be better than some friend.
Mummy and I love you a lot and will always do regardless of what you do in life. Thank you for being the perfect daughter

Update: true to what I expected, she read and didn’t revert. Evening she calls me up to discuss karate classes and mentions btw the letter was good. 


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