Best friends forever…always!!

I feel horrible… Sunday 4th Aug 2014 , also celebrated as Friendship Day. Sarayu had a long tiring day studying for her exams. She really works hard and deserves every bit of appreciation. Sunday night, I was tired too and just mindlessly browsing the net while Sarayu was studying French. After she finished studying she […]

Pramilas dream…sorry nightmare

Pramila has a dream every night which she can recall in vivid detail the next morning. So our mornings would start with a cup of tea and Pramila’s dreams, and in recent times she has started to believe that they come true. Anyway today morning was no different and Pramila mentioned about how she had […]

I Love It….

how you start with a fake cry and end up with a real one – April 2014 how you sing a song with made up lyrics and an off key without being conscious – April 2014 how you enjoy dancing to your own choreography. – April 2014 when you are full of concern for mummy […]

Strawberry bedtime stories

Once upon a time there was a little girl by the name “Strawberry”…thus began every night of mine before putting her to bed. Every night I had to tell her one and would sleep off at the last part most times. Till the day came where I was burnt out from making impromptu stories about […]